Tag Central

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I’ve started work on the Tag Central project I talked about previously. It currently uses the various RSS feeds that the suppported sites spit out. Unfortunately, this also means no Technorati tags. Unless I’m totally out of my mind, they don’t supply easily accessed RSS feeds.

Right now, I’m not using a database, but instead just using the standard file based caching built into MagpieRSS which is processing all the feeds for me. Space may become an issue if this site becomes popular. I’d hate to not cache, but as I’m not getting paid for this yet, I can’t afford to use gigantic amounts of space.

Currently supported services

Services that will be added soon

Services I’d like to add if I can find RSS feeds for their tags

With all that info out of the way, go check it out. Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear any feedback. That includes how you think it should be laid out and look.