New Beta Versiontracker

less than 1 minute read

As I am a .Mac member, I get a free Versiontracker membership. That was the main reason that I stuck with it over MacUpdate. Lately though, I’ve been getting fed up with the rendering bugs of the site.

Those of you who also use the site might remember its earlier designs. Back when I first started visiting, it was extremely simple. It came up fast and there was no complicated code that screwed up. Over time, the site has slowly gotten more complicated and not for the better. Today I noticed that they have put up a new beta version of their site. It’s much improved. It loads faster, looks cleaner (though extremely similar to MacUpdate), and makes me feel better about visiting.

If you use their service, don’t hesitate and go to the new beta. If you’ve never used such a service before, now is a good time to try. They track not only Mac software updates, but Windows and even Palm software updates.