Can you feel it?

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The Macworld Expo San Francisco keynote is less than 4 hours away. The whole Mac community is waiting with baited breath. Personally, I want to find out more about Tiger. In particular, a release date more specific than “first half of 2005” and hopefully sooner rather than later.

We also get to find out which rumors were worth something. The current most popular rumors are:

  • iWork Apple’s new office suite
  • flash-based iPod
  • headless iMac the $500 Mac
  • Mac OS X Tiger info and release date
  • Powerbook updates with slightly faster processors

I still don’t get the head-popping excitement being generated by the flash-based iPod. Shortly after the keynote is done, I’ll do a quick summary. Later tonight, I’ll do my little rant on what all the news will mean for the future.

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