Sad Day in the News

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It didn’t pay to roll out of bed early this morning to catch the news. Even with the Christmas (and other holidays) closing in quickly, we have to deal with the harsh reality that is, well, everything outside of the holiday advertising that we get inundated with every year.

Former Pantera Band Member Death

At a show in Columbus, Ohio last night, Damage Plan’s Dimebag Darrell, formerly of Pantera, was shot and killed. A deranged gumnan rushed the stage and accused Darrell of breaking up Pantera before pulling out a gun and killing four others before being shot and killed by a police officer.

The drummer at the show was also reportedly killed. Normally, the drummer is Darrell’s brother, Vinnie Paul, who was also a member of Pantera. However, it has not been confirmed that indeed Vinnie has also been slain yet.

It’s absolutely sick how seriously people will take their favorite bands. It’s music people. Nothing more. This one jackass has ruined things for so many people and will likely cause even more stringent security policies. To be honest, this guy deserved what he got and now everyone involved can move on instead of moving ahead with a farce of a trial that would ultimately land the shooter in a mental institution. This of course would be a futile measure as anyone that takes music that seriously has some so wrong at his core that he could not be saved.

U-Mass Senior Shot Dead by Westfield Resident

A University of Massachusetts student was shot and killed in the very bedroom of the accused shooter. Apparently, he was shot several times with a rifle. It’s not known whether the shooter will be found competent to stand trial (see above for my thoughts on that).

Ever since I decided to go to U-Mass at Amherst and my ex-girlfriend decided to go to Westfield State, that the two towns have been intrisically linked for me. First, it was all positive things including my brother going to Westfield and his former girlfriend going to U-Mass and my brother becoming a U-Mass police cadet. Now it’s even linked in tragedy.

Radio Legend David Brudnoy Says Goodbye

In this age of extremist poltics, David Brudnoy was the voice of reason, running a radio talk show at 7 PM on WBZ 1030 every night until last night. Instead of analyzing politics in relation to one party or the other, turning every detail into some kind of battle, he took an objective look at the relevance of current events. His questions to his listeners and guests were neither cowtowing or aggressive. Instead, they were thought provoking, acting as a springboard into honest, interesting discussion.

Following a long battle with AIDS and the merkel-cell carcinoma that ultimately overran his kidneys and liver, he decided to call it quits and end his battle. It came as a shock to me listening to the radio last night as WBZ announced this and an interview by colleague Gary Lapierre that was played during his normal time slot. There has been an outpouring of support for him in what will be his last days as he ends his treatment and lets the cancer overtake his body. In a heartfelt plea during his interview, he asked listeners to be more open with their love for others as they have been with him in the hours following his accouncments. He hoped that listeners would express their love in every day life instead of being so “stingy”.

My best wishes go out to David. I hope he makes the most of his last few days. I know I will miss him.