Waterfield Sleeve Case

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I made a startling realization when I got my 12″ Powerbook. It’s a lot smaller than the classic Pismo that I’d been lugging around for 4 years. My L.L. Bean saddle bag’s laptop slot was actually too big for my shiny new Powerbook. The sides of the compartment are padded, so they naturally hold the shape. There’s so much room that the new ‘book flops around in it. It’s unsettling.

After a brief quest of asking for opinions on sleeves to insulate my Powerbook as well as some searching forums, a name that kept coming up was Waterfield. Much like Apple, the agreement was that the bags were pricey, but worth it. I liked the styling, so I bit the bullet and got one of their sleeves for my recent birthday.

I wasn’t let down.

The bag is solidly made with an incredibly soft lining. There’s no worrying about scratches with this bag.


As part of the ordering process, the fine folks at Waterfield also help you choose a size that ensures a snug fit.

Snug Fit In Snug Fit Half In

I also ordered the flap cover and a strap so I could carry just the sleeve around if I wish. As an extra bonus, the bag also has pocket that covers the back of the bag. It’s not spacious, but it’s enough room to stuff your power adapter.

Strap Compartment

Pros: Solid construction, tight fit, great styling, friendly customer service.

Cons: At $70, very expensive.