It Started so Innocently

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Call me a terrible person, a monster if you will. I just couldn’t stop once it started.

13:40:37 amos282002: Hello Derik!

13:40:45 amos282002: how r u doing?

13:40:59 amos282002: I’m Amos Michel

13:41:12 dirkdelong: uh ohk

13:41:15 amos282002: I’m from Jacmel City

13:41:26 dirkdelong: oh

13:42:23 amos282002: and I met your profil online and I see that it’s very important to keep in a good touch with you

13:43:10 dirkdelong: I see

13:43:37 amos282002: have you ever visited Haiti country?

13:43:59 amos282002: that ‘s where i’m from

13:44:16 dirkdelong: no, I’ve never been to the Carribean

13:44:23 dirkdelong: though I hear it’s very nice

13:44:42 amos282002: yeah it is and I’m Haitian

13:44:59 amos282002: tell me what do you do?

13:45:27 dirkdelong: I’m a software engineer

13:45:29 dirkdelong: you?

13:46:40 amos282002: I’m done with school this year not yet having a profesion

13:47:10 amos282002: but lack of money here I can not go to a college

13:47:50 dirkdelong: yeah, it’s rough

13:48:11 amos282002: yeah it is

13:48:57 amos282002: so I would dearly love also to study Electronical Engineer

13:49:35 dirkdelong: cool, like computer hardware?

13:50:08 amos282002: yeah, I do love it

13:51:22 amos282002: could you please help me?

13:51:50 dirkdelong: how?

13:52:22 amos282002: To help me reach my vision

13:53:51 amos282002: that will be a bigest step for me for my futur I would be so grateful

13:54:03 dirkdelong: are you asking for money?

13:54:44 amos282002: yeah,

13:56:10 amos282002: and whatever you’ll give me will be a big start for me so I could start to go to study it

13:56:26 dirkdelong: I wish I could, but I don’t have any to spare unfortunately]

14:01:35 amos282002: I understand what you mean, I live with my parents here they are not in work and they are really very sick, I have five brothers and five sisters and I’m the Oldest in my family, then what I wondered, I would dearly love to learn something so that will be the bigest step in my life so I could make money to take care of my family

14:03:33 amos282002: certainly here in Haiti there are many misery no work and for you to attend a colege you have to get alot of money

14:04:15 amos282002: And I have no other people could help me meet my vision

14:05:45 dirkdelong: in that case, the check is in the mail

14:05:51 dirkdelong: $1000

14:05:57 dirkdelong: go check your mailbox

14:07:00 amos282002: really you send me a check of $1000 dollars?

14:07:20 dirkdelong: yeah, go check right now

14:08:15 amos282002: Ok I go to check it now

14:14:16 amos282002: I don’t find it

14:14:37 dirkdelong: oh

14:14:42 dirkdelong: it must have gotten lost

14:14:43 amos282002: may I give you my mailling adress?

14:14:47 dirkdelong: I’ll send another

14:15:49 amos282002: here my mailling adress

14:16:04 amos282002: Amos Michel

14:16:23 amos282002: Rue Saint Philippe # 35

14:16:56 amos282002: HT 9110 Jacmel-Haiti(W.I)

14:17:35 amos282002: do I have to hope it?

14:17:56 dirkdelong: what do you think?

14:18:29 amos282002: about the money

14:18:57 amos282002: $1000

14:20:21 dirkdelong: yes

14:21:29 amos282002: thanks a lot in adavnce for it and when will you send it to me?

14:24:05 amos282002: hello

14:24:37 dirkdelong: I want you to guess

14:25:30 amos282002: tomorrow will be ok for me

Began receiving Amos 1.jpg (14:26:52)

14:27:47 amos282002: do u get a picture of me that I send you

amos282002 canceled the transfer of Amos 1.jpg (14:28:07)

14:28:22 dirkdelong: didn’t seem to go through

14:28:48 dirkdelong: so, when do I get my mail-order bride?

14:29:26 amos282002: ok

14:31:11 amos282002: yeah, may I reach the $ 1000 tomorrow or at the end of this week?

14:32:00 amos282002: may you please send it to me by WESTERN UNION?

14:32:21 dirkdelong: I’ll send the money when I get my bride

14:33:14 amos282002: oh I see what you mean

14:33:28 amos282002: so tell me when will you get her?

14:34:32 dirkdelong: I don’t know, when are you sending her to me?

14:36:39 amos282002: that would better if you come here in Jacmel because there are alot of beautiful single ladies here there are waiting for a broom

14:37:30 amos282002: you can come and make yourself choice and you’ll have to get a bride

14:38:55 amos282002: hello

14:40:05 amos282002: tell me when will be the best time for you so you can come

14:40:53 dirkdelong: I don’t know, I’ll check my calendar and get back to you

14:40:59 dirkdelong: I have to go now

14:41:07 dirkdelong: bye

14:43:33 amos282002: ok that was a big pleasure for me to make this aquaintance with you and I would dearly love to meet you soon and I do thanks you in advance for the $ 1000 dollars which will be a bigest step to help me in my futur life

14:44:15 amos282002: here my email [email protected]

14:44:38 amos282002: so we can keep in touch

14:45:13 dirkdelong: ok

14:45:27 amos282002: please pass along my best regards and greeting for everyone

14:45:48 amos282002: take a good care

14:46:02 amos282002: bye