What is the Best Free Hosted Blogging Service?

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Some of my friends (Katie and Dana) use free blogging services, namely, LiveJournal and Blogger/Blogspot respectively. I personally went straight to Movable Type and then WordPress hosted on my own domain.

Of those two choices I’d tend to go with Blogger. It’s owned by Google now, so there’s plenty of growth potential. Probably the main reason would be that I actually dislike LiveJournal because: it’s slow, its themes are applied only to the front page (comment pages are the horrendous style of the rest of the site), it’s slow, you are forced into a long address (even blogspot gives you a subdomain), it’s slow, everyone and their brother has an account there so you’re forced into an obscure AIM screename-ish username, and did I mention it’s slow? Yeah. I don’t like LiveJournal… at all… in any way… shape… or form.

I’m curious though, what do y’all use and why?