Blog Change Bot

1 minute read

Some may have noticed the Blog Change Bot button I added to the sidebar some time ago. It was part of an experiment to see how well it worked. Until recently, it simply didn’t work at all. Sure, I could IM it at blogchangebot. I could even send commands. It even seemed to recognize my subscriptions and list their last modification.

The problem was that it never notified me of changes (and I’m online more often than not). I was just about to remove the button and link when, this morning I actually got an update notification from blogchangebot8. Recently, I noticed that the bot had gone down frequently and I’m guessing that the developer was having scalability issues (though you couldn’t tell this from the website).

At any rate, it’s now working. This is great news for you that want to monitor this site, or any other site that pings (which generally means they have an RSS feed as well). Simply IM blogchangebot and let it know. It will IM you when there are updates (again, I haven’t gotten reliable service out of it yet). You can stay up to date without needing an RSS reader (though I think they are preferable).