Shame on you WCVB

1 minute read

WCVB, here in Massachusetts, has decided not to show Saving Private Ryan, the award winning film. I’d list the awards, but honestly, they would make this post huge. That is how many awards we are talking about.

What is there reasoning and excuse? There’s too much violence and profanity in the film. Too many kids might watch it in the 8PM time slot originally allotted. What kind of society do we live in when children watching an award winning film with genuine social value is a problem? It’s absurd!

Realizing that this excuse is weak, they made some more excuses, this time to blame the FCC for more stringent enforcement of their rules (following the now infamous Janet Jackson nipple incident). They claim that they may lose their license for showing this award winning film.

They even had the gall to suggest that they are not afraid of fines. The reason they pulled the film is out of respect for their viewers. I take this as a personal insult. Thankfully, some ABC affiliates still have the moral fiber to stand up and show the film, such as ABC6 in Rhode Island. I salute you, ABC6!

As a result of these developments, I will not be watching WCVB. I suggest that any of my readers within range of this station either watch another ABC affiliate or not watch at all. Also use their feedback form and let them know that you will not be watching. I personally added that I hoped that they would be passing the message along to their advertisers. This kind of chicken shit behavior should not be rewarded, but instead punished.