WordPress and the Lack of mt.supportedTextFilters

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I’ve adopted the excellent Markdown to format my blog entries. It’s makes it much easier to write and maintain entries. However, because WordPress has to filter each post every time, it slows down my homepage considerably.

That is something I’ve come to live with and accept.

What is not acceptable is that WordPress still doesn’t support mt.supportedTextFilters. This is what tells external editing apps like MarsEdit know what formatting is being used so it can properly preview entries for you. As a result, Brent had to put in a custom preference (that one must manually add in) to force preview of Markdown formatting for all posts. This is rather unacceptable, but not Brent’s fault.

I’m feeling a pull to MovableType which I’ve been resisting because I didn’t want to shell out the cash. I fear I may have no choice soon unless this is fixed in WordPress (like in 1.3) or someone can suggest an alternative package.