Site Breakage, Link from Macsurfer, and Pictures!

less than 1 minute read

My server is acting wonky again. I’ve sent my fourth request for service to my webhost. This is a downward spiral. If anyone knows of a good cheap host with support for PHP, MySQL, Perl scripts, Python scripts, etc. (basically the works), please drop me a line. This is getting out of hand.

On a happier note, unbeknownst to me, my website has been linked to by MacSurfer. In particular, my entry on Jef Raskin has been picked out (which I did not expect when I wrote it). That would explain the exceedingly large number of comments I’ve been getting (including some rather angry/vengeful ones, go me). If I can get this kind of response simply by saying I wouldn’t want someone at a party, I might pass out if I try to think about how many hits I’ll get by actually criticizing someone in a meaningful way.

I’m also uploading some pictures to the photo gallery tonight. Pictures of hanging out at my friend Andy’s place. Sweet. They should be ready later tonight.