Fixed Again

1 minute read

In what is becoming a bi-weekly tradition for this site, I’ve gotten my website fixed again.

The real question is how long will it hold up. It’s rather frustrating for me as this website has become my main hobby and any time I think I’m beginning to make headway in some kind of readership, the site goes down. What’s worse is that I’m paying for this service. This is the first time that I actually went out and bought hosting for this purpose and I’m getting worse results than I got on free hosts. It’s unacceptable.

I’m going to have to find some solution to avoid this week in and out. Considering the software I’m using is perfectly stable in other environments, I’m leaning towards a new host. It seems that anything trying to access outside resources eventually breaks (with, as of yet, no explanation from my host). Unfortunately for me, I bought in for a year of service with these people but pretty soon I’m going to have to start taking drastic measures.

I don’t think I’d be half as frustrated if they simply took me seriously. I have to exchange half a dozen emails with random people until I finally find one that realizes I know what I’m talking about. Further, I do half the work for them by setting up simple test case reductions in order to point out that there is nothing wrong with WordPress or the plugins I’m using. Again, I’ve been using WordPress for months now without problems, then a month or two ago, I started getting this transient problem.

If this problem happens again and I’m not taken seriously, I’m going to go on a one-man crusade to make their lives hell because I’m the god damn customer in this situation and I demand satisfaction.