.Mac Now Sports 250 MB of Goodness

less than 1 minute read

After months of being derided for a relatively small amount of space (100 MB of iDisk space, 15 MB of mail space), Apple has finally bumped up the space for .Mac to 250 MB combined (which you can allocate in any way you see fit).

I’ve been waiting for this for some time now. I use a .Mac address as my main one and some other services for other stuff. The main reason for this was that 15 MB wasn’t enough to keep all my mail for all time on the server. As a result, I use Gmail for all my mailing lists. Now I can rethink this and maybe use one address for everything.

At any rate, with the increased space, integration with OS X and Apple applications (such as iPhoto), free goodies and discounts, and of course new features coming in Tiger (such as preference syncing), .Mac is finally coming into its own as a well-priced, full-featured service.