The Next Great Mac Software

less than 1 minute read

While it has mostly gone unnoticed until this point, Growl is some of the coolest new software around. It doesn’t do much on its own right now, but it won’t be long before lots of your software utilizes it.

Growl provides a notification system for all your applications. All a developer need do is send notifications to it. Current applications that you can use with it are:

Growl has been around for a little, but only recently was a build offered to the public. Some warnings need be said. gCount will need an update to use the newly released build. You’ll need a version of Adium 0.7 (currently in beta).

I personally like to use Synergy for iTunes stuff and Mail Appetizer for Mail notifications, but I like having this universal system in place. We can expect to see a lot more use for it.