Weather Plugin Broke The Site

less than 1 minute read

Earlier today, the weather plugin (which told you the weather in nearby Worcester) broke my blog earlier today. As of yet, I don’t know how or why, but needless to say, hunting it down wasn’t easy or fun. I nearly gave my host some crap which wasn’t their fault. Arg!

Update: Apparently more is going on than just with the weather plugin because attempting to post this returned document empty errors. Why must things break on me?

Update2: I got my rewrite rules back (they got renamed to .htaccess1, hmmm). Now to see if I can post and edit posts without incident.

Update3: Nope, now I’m getting zero size replies when trying to edit or post. At least the changes seem to go through.

Update4: It is now my opinion that my host changed something on their end, effectively breaking WordPress for me. I can’t confirm this until later when I put in a brand spanking new installation and it shits the bed. Stay tuned!