Move-in Day for the Old Roommie

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My friend Scott (yes, I know his blog is empty, I’m trying to get him to change that) moved into his new room at U-Mass today. He’s staying in the same building, Field, but he’s moved down to the second floor.

That, first of all, made moving him in ten times easier than normal. In fact, we spent most of the day wandering around Amherst. We even had time for a stop at Amherst Brewing Company (ABC), which is a great place to stop if you’re ever in the area. They even have sampler packs so you can try a variety of their beers. I’m going to stop now because I could go on all day about beer.

The question that everyone I know has for me is, “Was that weird?” Well, no, it wasn’t. I had a buffer year of Southwest which was enough for me to disassociate Orchard Hill from living at college. (Southwest and Orchard Hill are two very different areas of U-Mass Amherst’s dorm network.)

So the continuing experiment of whether having friends still going to school while I’m working will be weird continues.