No More EyeTV Functionality with Watson

less than 1 minute read

For some time now, I was using Watson to look through TV listings, look at show descriptions, change the channel on my EyeTV, and schedule recordings.

Due to changes at, all those features have been lost. I originally bought Watson solely for those features. I’ll be surprised if the EyeTV support is kept for the product that is succeeding Watson due to its cross-platform and Java nature.

I know the changes to are outside of Mr. Wood’s hands, but the sudden disappearance of the EyeTV features just smacks of the lack of support that I expected to come after he announced the end of support in October.

I understand that transitioning to another source for TV listings is a lot of work, but I just expected support until October to be full support until October. I guess I’ll have to start using TitanTV and deal with their mess of a site.