From iPodlounge: Backstage: 42% report 4G iPod audio problems

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Backstage: 42% report 4G iPod audio problems: “Exclusively for Backstage readers: This is an advance version of a news story that will appear on the main iPodlounge web site tomorrow morning. Having problems with your fourth-generation (4G) iPod? You’re not alone. Three weeks after the release of Apple’s newest iPods, iPodlounge readers have reported that approximately 42% of their 4G units have manifested an audio defect identified by iPodlounge, while others have complained of receiving soiled or physically damaged hardware….” (Via iPodlounge.)

Normally I wouldn’t call attention to this, but considering a recent post by a Macworld editor, I fear this problem really is common. I’m still using my 3G iPod which has been serving me wonderfully.