Review: Aliens vs. Predator

1 minute read

I went to this movie with high hopes of something original, something unexpected.

I was let down. This movie was fairly predictable. Once you watch the first couple minutes, you can guess the rest of what happens. As much as Alien Resurrection was berated for being a weak sequel to the other Aliens movies, I feel it was a piece of art compared to this film.

The only saving grace of the film was Lance Henriksen of original Alien fame. He’s captivating to watch no matter his role (and yes, I still miss Millenium). I’d say more about how I’m disappointed with his use, but that would spoil the (small) plot for any of you wanting to see the film. Let’s just say that they didn’t use him or his character to their fullest.

As for the rest of the characters, they are flat and unimpressive. The screenplay was centrally built around the action contained within. The action was fairly good (at parts) but left one totally unfulfilled. It seems to be yet another showcase for today’s special effects wizards.

The end of the movie is also very disappointing. Anyone familiar with the end of the original Predator movies will be completely unsurprised and bored with the ending of this film (as it is something they have seen before). What’s worse is that despite the numerous opportunities to explain the history of Aliens, Predators, or their struggle, it’s never done. They make allusions to the beginning of the Predators to be sure. In fact, the film seems to concentrate upon them despite the real lack of information. One gets jerked around as the movie suggests the revelation of certain aspects of Predators and then simply informs the watchers of things that are shown in other movies.

I give the move 3 out of 5 stars. Weak plot severely degrade the movie, but the action is good and looks real enough with little obvious computer animation. Aliens or Predators fans should probably check this out, but others should probably hold off and wait for it on DVD.