Apple posts iPhoto 4.0.3 update

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Apple posts iPhoto 4.0.3 update

Following a short lived release of iPhoto 4.0.2 (which was posted and then revoked a few short hours later), Apple has released iPhoto 4.0.3. The difference? No one knows but Apple, which is becoming a very strong trend.

Most users are assuming that it has something to do with extended start up and shut down times associated with the previous update, but in typical Apple style, this new update’s notes exactly match those of the old one. Is it so terrible to admit a mistake and delineate what has changed? If they truly are the same, why not use the same version number?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to defend Apple when they don’t give you a leg to stand on. Why keep us in the dark? Shouldn’t we be allowed to update based on what the update brings and whether those changes are useful to us?