G5 iMacs in September

1 minute read

Apple announced during a coneference call, that G5 iMacs are on the way. Here’s my spin:

Apple must make the G5 iMac an entirely new form factor. I’m not talking about simply changing how it looks. It has stop being an all-in-one with little upgrade possibilities. The best form factor I think they could adopt would be that of the late G4 Cube. Putting the G4 Cube’s failings aside, I believe we can all agree that it had a large target audience. Those that want moderate expandability, flexibility as far as the display goes, and an inexpensive price. We all know that the G4 Cube’s failing was its price. Nothing else was wrong with the machine. Most of its customers were happy with the level of performance and expandability (the lack of PCI ports, etc. was not troublesome). In fact, many people were crying for a headless iMac. This I can go along with.

What I will not go along with is the little kids who insist that they need a G5 processor in their all-in-one, static video card iMac. It’s simply not necessary. It’s a waste of time and effort to put the G5 into the iMac as is. The only reason one might want a G5 in the iMac as is, would be for gaming, which makes no sense because of the video card included and the hard drive included. While the CPU is important during games, the video card is far more important, as is the amount of RAM. This brings up another point.

The same people screaming the loudest about a G5 in the iMac are the ones that don’t understand enough about their computer to properly diagnose the weak link. G5 is simply a buzzword to them and they have idea of the real advantages it supplies. Apple shouldn’t be catering to them and instead, should be focusing much more on getting the G5 into a Powerbook, whose customers are many fold more likely to require a G5 and know whether it is the source of their problems. Putting the G5 into a consumer machine for people that neither need or really know whether they really want a G5 while neglecting their bread and butter customers (Powerbook customers) will alienate their most loyal and profitable (because the Powerbooks bring in far more profit than iMacs) customers.