Movie Review: King Arthur

1 minute read

I went to see King Arthur late last night (10:15 PM, which is way too late when you get up at 6 AM). Was it worth the $9 and lost hours of sleep?

Yes and no. Keira Knightley is a complete babe, that is for sure. She is hot, with a capital *SIZZLE*. I think seeing her was alone with the price of admission.

The movie itself isn’t the typical King Arthur mythology. The movie claims the story is based upon recently unearthed evidence. I didn’t bother to check whether this claim is substantiated, but honestly, I think they simply wanted to capitalize on the popularity of the original myth because this movie had nothing to do with Arthur other than using the names we already know and love. That doesn’t detract from the movie I think, but instead was a cheap marketing technique. Maybe next they’ll do a real life Jesus Christ movie, about this black guy who had some whacked out ideas from smoking too much weed with his 12 buddies.

I’m satisfied with the movie itself. I’m not sure it’s for everyone though. If you liked Braveheart and you’re willing to accept a much less epic story, you may enjoy this movie. However, many of the motivating factors of the movie are muddled by a fairly poor script. Certain things seem left out and as such, I spent half the movie wondering why anyone was doing anything.