End of the Week Spectacular

1 minute read

The weekend is a few scant hours away, as is yet another Red Sox game. I must be setting some kind of record here. I’ve gone for over two decades without going to a Red Sox game while living in Massachusetts, and now I’m going to at least three this year. The season isn’t even half over yet.

My Macally BTMouseJr is on its way finally. I’ve been waiting with baited breath for it, obsessively checking my order status over at Page Computers *ding*. It has since gone to backorder status there, so it appears that this mouse is in high demand. Now I can shift my attention to UPS and their web based package tracking system.

Speaking of tracking packages, that brings up my favorite Google trick ever. I don’t remember where I read about this gem, but I wish I could give them credit. At any rate, any time you get a tracking number for any package delivery company, plug it into Google. It will appropriately recognize that as a tracking number and produce a link to that package’s tracking page (in addition to any other pages it seems to be referenced in). Nifty. It’s far easier to get to the page that way, especially if you’re one of the enlightened few with some kind of Google bar in their browser.