Keeping the Faith

1 minute read

The Red Sox finally seem to be on the road to recovery following a rough transition back to its first string starters, many of whom were injured. While Ortiz and Manny struggled with the Oakland Athletics, the rest of the team seemed to find a groove.

This includes defending batting champ, Bill Mueller (pronounced “Miller” which should be enough for any German to cringe). He knocked a ball out of the park early in the game to put the Red Sox ahead by 3. As any Sox fan knows though, that’s simply not enough.

The hits kept coming and certainly weren’t hindered by the A’s Barry Zito walking in several runs. They kept coming until the end with a score of 11-zip. An embarressing showing for Oakland to say the least.

However, this seems to reinforce statistics lately showing that the Red Sox barely score a couple runs when they lose, but at least double digits when they win. It’s feast or famine the Sox offensively. Meanwhile, Derek Lowe continues to get shelled for inconsistent pitching. His lackluster performances of late certainly aren’t helping, but considering the lack of offense, I’m not sure he can totally be blamed. In many of his losses, if the Sox had simply scored 12 runs as they normally seem to do for wins, the Sox would have won. Not to take anything away from Schilling or Pedro, but I think their success has a lot to do with coincidential performance by the Sox offensively, not just their defensive skill.