Odd and Ends

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I’m a little late with this entry because, well, it is the weekend. I have a couple things to talk about tonight though.

First off, Friday I saw Spider-man 2. Overall, I enjoyed it. I have three problems with it.

First, as Dana said to me, there was entirely too much story. Every other scene was the dopey Tobey Maguire crying about something. Honestly, the more of him covered up, the happier I am. He just isn’t Peter Parker. He’s a decent actor, but wrong for the role. This does relate to both movies, but there was far less of him I felt.

Beyond that, they set up far too much future plot. They set up Hobgoblin (with Harry Osborn), the Lizard (with Doctor Connors), and Venom (with John Jameson). That’s enough for three movies. Hell, that’s enough for more than that, particularly with the Venom saga. However, the lack of reappearance of Eddie Brock makes me think they won’t even bother with Venom, which is a terrible shame because he’s probably the best villain in the Spiderman comic.

Finally, I’ll show my geek side and point out that Spiderman never used impact webbing. I know there were other deviations from the comic, but this one stood out the most. The Scarlett Spider used impact webbing.

On to a different subject, I’ve been alerted to the existence of a small Bluetooth mouse made by Macally. It is the BTMouseJr. Honestly, I’ve always been a fan of Macally’s stuff, it’s cheaper than the Radtech Mouse, and it’s silver. I’ll probably buy the mouse.