A Trip to the Dentist (or, a Mouse of a Different Color)

1 minute read

Bluetooth is still considered a hot technology and was meant as a cure all for wireless peripherals (such as Palm Pilots, mice, keyboards). Once Bluetooth hit the streets, we were supposed to see all kinds of new products, virtually eliminating products based on other wireless standards.

That didn’t quite happen. Apple released their Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, but again, the one button mouse hinders its utility for many users (including myself). Logitech released the MX900, Microsoft released a Bluetooth version of their venerable Intellimouse Explorer, and Belkin released one as well. However, Logitech’s lacks drivers for Mac OS X, making all but the main three buttons useless (at least until the next version of USB Overdrive is released, which promises Bluetooth support), the same goes for Microsoft’s (but add the fact it uses the old form factor without the tilt-wheel, it doesn’t compare with the RF version), and Belkin’s, well, it doesn’t need drivers, but it chews through batteries from what I’ve read in reviews.</a>

What happened to the plethora of Bluetooth mice that were going to be released? Why haven’t all mice become Bluetooth? Well, I don’t know. I do know I’m looking for a Bluetooth mouse, and I’ve narrowed it down to several choices (pending the release of the next version of USB Overdrive). They’re meant to compliment my 12″ Powerbook, in appearance and size.

First up is Radtech’s BT-500 mouse. It’s small, light, inexpensive, has an on/off switch, and approval of Dan Frakes (whom also has used Logitech’s MX900, but has shelved it since getting this mouse). My problem? Neither color scheme seems to match the Powerbook well. Additionally, it’s really just a Bluetake Mouse rebranded by Radtech, meaning I might be able to get the same mouse elswhere in a better color scheme as well as for less cash.

Coming in September is MacMice’s the Mouse BT. This mouse certainly has the best styling I’ve seen, but at $70, being larger than the Radtech, and being a product of a company with a questionable past, it also gives me pause.

What is a geek to do? Anyone with recommendations before I make a snap decision and buy one of them some night, leave them.