Once a Day

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Once of my favorite websites is RailHead Design. It’s become a daily stop because, well, it’s updated every day (at least during the week). I’m resolving myself to having the same discipline (though my entries tend to be a bit longer than Maury’s). Starting today and happening every day unless I go on vacation, I will be adding at least one new entry.

I’ll probably borrow (ok, steal) from sources such as Obscure Store, Fark, and Maccentral to fill the void on days when I have nothing good or interesting to say.

Oh, and a quick reminder, there is an RSS feed for my blog over on the right side of the page. Be sure to fire up your favorite RSS reader (or get NetNewsWire (regular or lite) if you’re on a Mac, Feedreader if you’re on Windows (I’ll suggest another one if some can suggest a really good Windows RSS client; I haven’t had much luck), or get Firebird’s RSS Extension) and add it to your list.