Countdown to a New Powerbook (8 days)

1 minute read

After four great years with my Pismo, it’s time I moved on. I’ve been putting off replacing it because it’s no longer my primary computer (not since I bought a Powermac MDD a couple years back). Being a college student, beer soaked up most of my free funds and as such, a new Powerbook wasn’t a reality until now (with my fabulous software engineering job, take that outsourcing!).

Well, I’ve decided that portability is the way to go. The new Powerbook 12″ looks to be a good move up from a 500 MHz G3 to a 1.33 GHz G4 (which is faster than both of the 1 GHz processors in my Powermac). With the better video card, better optical drive, Airport card, etc., it should keep me entertained (at least for 2 years). I know I’m probably buying the last Powerbook G4, but that’s ok. I made my peace with getting the last Powerbook G3 and next to last Powermac G4.

So once my Discover card rolls over next week, I’ll be ready to buy. My mother will be getting my old Pismo to play with (because my father refuses to replace the old Powermac 7600). What a son I am.