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Let’s try not to be too glib

From How Tracked the iPhone Finder: In response to’s scoop identifying the finder of the lost iPhone prototype, many have asked me how we did it. The process of uncovering digital footprints to identify Brian Hogan was indeed … Continue reading

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Saying it without really saying it

If you were confused about whether Apple was still committed to the Mac, their lack of Apple Design Awards for anything Mac pretty much says it all. The Apple Design Awards 2010 recognize iPhone OS applications that demonstrate technical excellence, … Continue reading

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Acting Self Important

Dear Apple, If you’re going to publish calendars for your iCal users and advertise them, keep them up to date. A movie release calendar that ends late October of last year is useless. Your pal, Derik

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Post Macworld Roundup

Back in December, I made some predictions. The quick recap is, I was completely right about the Powerbook (though I didn’t see the moronic name change coming). I didn’t see the iMac coming. The Mac mini rumor was nice, but … Continue reading

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Rosetta is Not All That and a Bag of Chips

Macworld’s lab tests of the new intel iMac confirm what I’ve been telling people since the Intel transition was announced. I can summarize the results pretty quickly. Considering that the Intel processor in the new iMac is a dual core, … Continue reading

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