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Use a garden hose instead of a fire hose

I’ve been spending some time revisiting GTD and Inbox Zero. Several of the themes are important and in particular, the idea that your time is finite is probably most important. As I get older, my time becomes even more limited. … Continue reading

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Whine, Whine, Whine

Like any hardcore Netflix user, I read Hacking Netflix. One of the more repetitive, annoying themes is the dissatisfaction of Manuel. If you thought I was obsessive about Macs, well, it’s nothing compared to this guy and Netflix. And it … Continue reading

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The Day Netflix told me No More

It’s official. I have way too many movies in my queue. I tried to add Suspiria to my Netflix queue, only to get the following response. If you wish to add this movie to your Queue, you must first remove … Continue reading

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Topher Grace is Venom?

Someone please tell me that someone is screwing with IMDB. Topher Grace is supposed to play Venom in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 according to IMDB. Didn’t someone already play Eddie Brock in the earlier Spider-Man movies? I might be wrong, … Continue reading

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Hollywood: Same Shit, Different Pile

Was making the movie Zathura necessary? Really? It’s about a couple boys who find a board game that propels their house into a space adventure. Does that sound familiar? That’s Jumanji, except in space instead of the jungle. Well, that’s … Continue reading

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