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My horribly incomplete backup plan

It’s been a long time since I took a hard look at my backup situation, but a series of blog posts in my reader has caused some naval gazing. A long time ago in a computer far far away My … Continue reading

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Behold the wonder of IMAP caching

I’m a fan of Low End Mac‘s Mac catalog. It’s a quick and easy way to go look up vital stats about old computers, such as when they were released, the original specifications, and the original price. I’ve settled many … Continue reading

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Google Gears maintenance isn’t a priority for Google

The recent Firefox 3.6 update made me re-examine my add-ons as always. What struck me as odd was that Google Gears wasn’t compatible. Clearly that was a mistake. Google couldn’t possibly ignore the chosen browser of most of the tech … Continue reading

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The three or four of you that have forgotten that you have me saved to your RSS reader of choice will likely suddenly realize that I’ve not written in a long time. I didn’t fall off the face of the … Continue reading

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For the record

To my towel, you’re awesome and I love you. PS You’re still a towel.

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