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Let’s try not to be too glib

From How Tracked the iPhone Finder: In response to’s scoop identifying the finder of the lost iPhone prototype, many have asked me how we did it. The process of uncovering digital footprints to identify Brian Hogan was indeed … Continue reading

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Saying it without really saying it

If you were confused about whether Apple was still committed to the Mac, their lack of Apple Design Awards for anything Mac pretty much says it all. The Apple Design Awards 2010 recognize iPhone OS applications that demonstrate technical excellence, … Continue reading

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Use a garden hose instead of a fire hose

I’ve been spending some time revisiting GTD and Inbox Zero. Several of the themes are important and in particular, the idea that your time is finite is probably most important. As I get older, my time becomes even more limited. … Continue reading

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Quick iPhone time-saving tip: App Store

Put you App Store icon on a less frequented page. You’ll feel less compelled to check for updates and look for new apps.

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Fighting Stupidity with Stupidity

Cory Doctorow wrote a piece on why he won’t be buying an iPad (which extends to why you shouldn’t either. I don’t agree with his article, but the vehement arguments against some of his have been equally asinine. Joel Johnson … Continue reading

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