Software Used in This Site

The bulk of this site is generated using the wonderful WordPress. The posts are written using Markdown which gets run through Michael Fortin’s PHP Markdown port. I generally post at home via MarsEdit.

I use a series of WordPress plugins.

The OS X Forum FAQ is served using phpMyFAQ. Currently, the forums are run using phpBB, but I may soon move to bbPress when it gets more stable. The webcam is driven by EvoCam. The main photo gallery uses Gallery and pictures are posted with iPhoto using the Gallery Export Plugin. The contact form uses FormMail.

The supplement uses as a backend. Posting is assisted using Cocoalicious. Pictures are added to Flickr using iPhoto with the Flickr Export Plugin. Feedburner helps combine several of the feeds into one.

To maintain various parts of the site, I use RBrowser and BBEdit.

I’d like to thank the authors of all these utilities for making things easy for me.


  • BBEdit
  • Feedburner
  • Flickr
  • MarsEdit
  • w.bloggar
  • WordPress Powered