Greatly exaggerated

2 minute read

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I’d figure out who said it first, but that would mean I have time to. Here’s a quick rundown of everything that’s been keeping me busy.

The Day Job

I’ve been involved in a task that’s rather new to me, high pressure, and interesting. Overall I’m enjoying it, but it’s still soaking up my free time.

Softball to the Face

I managed to take a softball to the face 2.5 weeks ago. I was wearing my glasses and as a result, I managed to shift my nose over. I didn’t feel any pain and the initial swelling hid the fact that my nose became crooked. I had a nose bleed, but it went away quickly, so I didn’t get it looked at immediately.

Once I found out if it was fractured, I signed up for surgery I underwent Wednesday. My phobia of needles nearly made me faint as they put in the IV. Luckily, I didn’t and moments after they started pumping drugs into me, I was out. They straightened my nose and now I’m in a good deal of pain. I went to work Thursday, which was a total mistake, but the new task was acting rather needy. Luckily, my real coworkers could tell I wasn’t doing well and told me to go home.

I’m taking this week off, so I should be normal again by the time I go to work.

MacUser, Gadgetbox, and iPod Case Reviews

MacUser, Gadgetbox, and iPod case reviews for Playlist Mag are fast becoming more than a part time job.

After blogging on the former two sites, it’s usually just too late for me to do it here. I miss it. I have a bit more freedom here and I’m not really obligated to find a picture to go with my posts, which takes up a surprising amount of time.

Nintendo DS Lite

I bought a Nintendo DS Lite and I love it. I got the New Super Mario Brothers, Mario Kart DS, Brain Age, and Zelda: the Minnish Cap. If you have Mario Kart DS, let me know. I want to play you.

The Future

I want to resume normal posting, but it’s all time dependent. I get a surprising number of compliments from people that I contact for MacUser on this site and it’s made me realize that I was building a readership that’s likely rather disappointed I went on such a long hiatus. It’s time I returned.