Whine, Whine, Whine

1 minute read

Like any hardcore Netflix user, I read Hacking Netflix. One of the more repetitive, annoying themes is the dissatisfaction of Manuel. If you thought I was obsessive about Macs, well, it’s nothing compared to this guy and Netflix. And it has to be bad. In fact, he takes this quest so seriously that it has shades of a Don Quixote syndrome. Netflix is one mighty windmill. He’s pulled the AP in as his Sancho Panza. It even has a picture of him. Lovely.

Now, that’s not to say that Netflix is perfect. I’ve had a few broken/scratched discs and sometimes they can’t find discs I’ve returned until I report them missing (then they turn up that afternoon). Overall, I’m a very satisfied customer and I don’t feel like they’re restricting my use. Rather, I tend “throttle” (slow usage) myself because I’m too busy to watch that many movies. I’ve done the analysis and I’m getting good value out of my account.

For some real Netflix analysis though, I’d check out Mike’s Netflix analysis though it hasn’t been updated in a little while. Update: Look at the power I yield, Mike updated his graph. It’s far more complete than Manuel’s anecdotal account of Netflix quality. On an up note, if our society has progressed to the point where this becomes the main concern for someone, we’re doing pretty good.