New G5s = Whining?

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I’ve been interested in Macs since early in my teens years while I played with my family’s Quadra 660av. I had to be satisfied with that for many years with the only major upgrade that I could get my father to go along with being a fancy new 56k modem (back when the two standards were duking it out). I was happy with that even though I watched the PowerPCs come out and climb to the hundreds of MHz. This is going to date me, but today’s teens have no respect or perception of reality. They even make me ashamed to be associated with them. I went to

MacRumors to get coverage of the new release of the 2.5 GHz G5s (meanwhile I’m still thinking about the old Quadra 600av I had to use as a teen). Right now, I’m happy with my dual 1GHz G4 MDD (and my old Pismo as my laptop). Both are certainly adequate for my needs and the PowerMac exceeds them for sure (and I’m no casual user).

What’s the first thing I see in the comments abou the release? “Apple dropped the ball.” “This is weak.” “I’m going to Alienware.” Sure, this has become standard fare for any Apple release but this time has pushed me over the edge. I’m tired of these whiny little kids with mommy and daddy’s pocketbook covering their purchases and no social lives, complaining about the stock video card in the G5s. It’s far more computer than they need or could use, but that’s not even good enough for them. I think these kids need a good hard slap up against their heads. Hard enough to break their jaw to get them to shut up.

I have the money to consider buying one of these computers and honestly, it’s just not time for me to do so. That’s not because they’re weak. It’s because the computer I have is already more than I need. It’s twice what any of these little babies need too. I may be part of Generation X, but the new generation is Generation Y(ne) (read whine).